Dedicated to training health care professionals both locally and nationally in assessing and treating substance use disorders.


Each trainee will be assigned a preceptor who will help the trainee develop a focus of research interest. Fellows will progress from preparing a literature review to designing and conducting an independent project. At the completion of the fellowship trainees will begin to present original research at meetings and develop a grant for submission. One of the strengths of the Psychiatric Institute is the high concentration of researchers from a variety of disciplines. At present, there are over seventy major projects being carried out by senior investigators. Areas under investigation include:

• Family/genetic studies of substance abusers
• Abuse liability studies with control and special populations
• Prevalence of dual diagnosis disorders in psychiatric and substance abuse treatment settings
• Innovative psychological and pharmacological treatments of substance abuse disorders with and without comorbid psychopathology
• Human pharmacology studies within laboratory and controlled residential environments.

The trainee has a diverse group of senior researchers with whom he/she can develop formal or informal collaborations.

The three specialized research facilities within the Division on Substance Abuse include:

Clinical Research Center (CRC) at Presbyterian Hospital. The CRC, an inpatient research unit located within New York Presbyterian Hospital is currently being utilized for conducting studies of drug self-administration.

The Substance Use Research Center (SURC). The SURC, a residential laboratory located in the Psychiatric Institute, provides a unique setting for evaluating human behavior within the context of carefully controlled naturalistic conditions.

The Substance Treatment and Research Service (STARS). STARS is the Division’s outpatient research treatment service where clinical trials of pharmacotherapies and psychotherapies for substance use disorders are conducted.