Dedicated to understanding behavioral and neuropharmacological mechanisms underlying drug-related effects in humans.
Marijuana Laboratory

We conduct placebo-controlled, human laboratory studies testing the direct effects of smoked marjuana, either alone or in combination with medications, in healthy marijuana smokers. Studies take place in: (1) Residential Laboratory, where participants live for one to two week intervals and we measure the effects of marijuana and medications on a wide range of behavior: sleep, mood, cognitive task performance, food intake, etc., or (2) Outpatient Laboratory, where we measure mood,
cognitive task performance and cardiovascular effects of marijuana and medications.

Residential Lab: (646) 774-7777
Outpatient Lab: (646) 774-7778

left to right: Margaret Haney, Ph.D.; Olivia Derella, BA; Bennett Wechsler, BS; Rebecca Balter, PhD., Stephanie Rivera, BS
Director, Margaret Haney, Ph.D.